Canvas & Prints

If you haven’t seen my large canvases in person, here’s a little bit about my process and philosophy:

I am creating art that is meant to convey emotional experience, and therefore it is at the core of what I do to produce every piece with the same care I took in capturing the image.

Art goes beyond the creation and involves the viewer  interaction with equal importance.  More than colors, compositions or moments, I care how my images affect the lives of my audience.  I care that I am participating in and building a culture that fosters respect for the planet and fellow mankind.

These images have been created out of a fascination with life and environment, and the curious ways in which we find ourselves interacting in the world around us.  Every print puts a smile on my face and a tingle through my spine when I see it come into existence for the first time.

I hope you can feel the love and energy I put into sharing my art with you!  It is very personal, yet universal, and I am happy that I get to be vehicle for sharing this beauty!

Please view my videos about the printing process if you’d like to learn more.  I print on the highest quality canvas (Lyve and Silverada from Breathing Color), with an Epson 44″ inkjet printer, and spray every canvas with multiple coats of protective semi-gloss designed specifically for this purpose.

I often hand paint with custom gloss and reflective metallic highlights that can make certain canvases appear three dimensional.  Snow or ice seem to be grow on the canvas without interfering with the photo.  Check out my page on custom work for more info.