About Epic Light

“Through the act of living the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us which can mold us, but which can also be affected by us.  A balance must be established between these two worlds… both these worlds come to form a single one.  And it is this world that we must communicate.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

What drives my quest for “Epic Light” is simply a fascination with the immense beauty of pattern available to the observant eye. My desire to push boundaries and explore new realms has left me with an understanding that all is deeply connected.  Look closely and you will find fractal geometries are literally EVERYWHERE, they just require a shift in perspective.   Much of my best work is captured right out my backdoor or just wandering, carefully observing the natural light to draw me where it may.  Carried by adrenaline and love, I seek out adventurous experiences that show the depths of the relationship between man and nature (or more so that they are one and the same).  My mission is to protect what remains so that younger generations may enjoy it as I have.  By instilling the great importance of feeling alive and showing the overwhelming bliss that these journeys have to offer, I hope we can all reestablish our awareness of our connection to the environment!

While I receive my subject matter and vitality from nature, much of my inspiration comes from people.  Some whom I am lucky enough to see often, and some whom have passed on their wisdom in time through art or poetry.  I often find myself composing images directly influenced by what I am hearing in my head, with music, words and rhythm playing a huge part in my creative inspiration and process.  Underneath all the sound and imagery, lies a passion for philosophy and introspection, and I am always growing, evolving my process to reflect what I feel about the world.  My consistency lies in my desire to push creativity in everyone and help us all to start seeing things differently.  Being a good photographer becomes easy when you see the world for what it is and take the time to revel in it!

I print my best work on large canvases that are UV-protected and often hand painted (such as my Aspen Frost Crystals or Flatiron First Snow).  I put all my love into making them and hope they will bring light into your home and your life, reminding you what awaits when you venture out into the unknown.  It is meant to both inspire your inner soul and provoke deep thoughts about our relationship to the world around us.  This sense of connection to all that I see and experience is at the core of my passion, and I intend to share this with all of my audience. Without you, this art would not mean the same thing, so I hope you will see yourself as a part of it!  Please get engaged in driving the process of creation, by connecting with me in person or online, and sharing how my art inspires or affects you.  I would love to hear from you!

I appreciate you viewing my work, and even more for taking a moment to learn about why I make it! I hope it inspires you to live your life to the fullest and care about the natural world in the same way that I do! Enjoy!